Photo Gallery

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Lancaster, Baltimore, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, York, Chair caning, fibre rush, Pressed caning, Erickson's Chair Caning, This Old Seat; Wicker Woman, This Old Seat; Pressed caning; Erickson's Chair Caning; Shaker Tape; Ash Splint; Hickory Splint; York; Lancaster; Baltimore, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Chair Caning; Chair Caning; Seat Weaving; Seat Weaving; Facebook This Old Seat; ; Chair Caning; Cane; Fibre Rush, Erickson's Chair Caning; This Old Seat; This Old Seat; Pressed cane; 


My husband demonstrating at Landis Valley Museum

My son, who is apprenticing under me, at Landis Valley Museum

Demonstrating at Fort Hunter Days

Demonstrating at the York Oyster Festival

My daughter apprenticing at Landis Valley Museum