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Assorted Woven Seats--Ash Splint, Fibre Splint, Hickory Bark, Binder, Shaker Tape,

There are many different materials that can be woven on certain chairs.  
These chairs must have 4 rungs.  They can accept materials such as:
ash, splint reed, shaker tape, hickory bark, wide binder, fibre splint and fibre rush.

A double rail splint done in 1/4 inch ash splint.

A little child's rocker done in hickory bark.

A stool done in 5mm wide binder, 
herringbone pattern. This is a two layer weave applied
to both top and bottom around seat rails.
  Wide binder is typically used on porch rockers.

A stool done in shaker tape, checkerboard pattern.
I love this stool!

A stool done in hickory bark.  Hickory bark
is available in the spring only. This is much more costly
than other materials.

A chair done in splint reed using the 
New England porch pattern design. This pattern is woven on
both top and bottom of the seat around the rails.

Another favorite of mine.  
I hand-grained the stool and 
put a fibre splint seat in it.  I love it! Fiber splint is a 
man-made paper material.  Typically done in a herringbone pattern.