About Us

Our business started in Upstate New York more than 45 years ago, with my Mom, Kay.

In the early 1960's, my mother took a chair caning course through the Home Bureau.

My mother fell in love with the art of caning. She taught her father and each of her children

to cane and weave seats. I remember both my mother and grandfather caning

chairs and enjoying every minute of it. In my Mom's later years,

she taught Adult Education chair caning in the Upstate New York

school districts. She taught for well over 25 years.

The tradition of chair caning and seat weaving has continued with me in Pennsylvania.

I have been caning chairs for over 30 years in the Southern York County Area

in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania.

I have taught my husband and two lovely children to cane and weave seats.

They help me demonstrate and cane chairs in their spare time.