Caring for Your New Seat

Here are a few tips to help make your new chair seat last a long time

We work with natural materials. We never use synthetic materials.

Natural materials can breakdown over time, therefore,

in order to prolong the life of your chair seat, you need to

take some extra measures to care for it properly.

Cushions, Cushions, Cushions!

--No matter which type of chair seat you have,

using a cushion will greatly extent the life of the seat.

--DO NOT keep your chair near a dehumidifier, direct heat, wood stove or radiator.

Heat will contribute to the brittleness of the materials and will degrade your seat quickly.

--DO NOT place your chair in direct sunlight.

UV radiation can bleach out a seat and make it brittle.

--DO NOT place your chair outside even under cover.

Heat, humidity and the elements will quickly wreck havoc on your seat.

--NEVER stand or kneel in your caned or pressed seat.

Step stools are for standing, pews are for kneeling. chairs are for sitting!

--For hand caned or pressed seats only!

About once per year saturate a rag with warm water and glycerine.

Add about 1 tablespoon of glycerin per 1 gallon of water.

Turn the chair upside down and place the wet rag on the cane area only. Avoid the wood.

Let soak for 20 minutes. Dry completely.

--NEVER place polyurethane or shellac on hand caned or pressed seats.

This will cause the cane to become brittle and cause breakage.

--Real cattail rush, fibre rush, fibre splint, hickory bark and ash have a special finish designed for these seats only.

DO NOT use water on these seats, even if they have a finish!