How Much Will It Cost?

So, the first question is....."How much will a new seat cost me?" Well, the answer is... .I don't know! Doesn't sound too promising does it? Chair replacement costs are determined based on a number of factors. Here is the information I need before I can determine the cost to replace your seat:

What type of seat am I replacing? Is it hand caned? Pressed?

Fibre rush? Splint? Ash? Shaker Tape?

Labor and material costs vary.

You need to determine your type of seat first.

How large is the seat?

If it is hand many holes are there in the frame? If it takes pressed or other materials, I will need measurements of the seat, length, width and diagonal.

Again, price is determined by the size of the seat.

Does the chair need to be repaired?

We do chair repairs.

Repairs need to be done before the seat is replaced.

Repairs cost extra.

Does the chair need to be refinished?

We do light refinishing. Refinishing must be done before the seat is replaced

Refinishing costs extra

Once you determine your type of chair seat-

--for hand caned, count the holes, for pressed seats and seats with rungs, take measurements--length, width and diagonal. For seats with rungs --chose the type of seat that you would like (splint, ash, fibre rush, hickory bark), then the cost will be easier to determine.

If you email me a picture, I can give you a better estimate. Still not sure? Talk to me directly. Email me at and we can discuss your chair needs and then come up with a replacement cost!