Maddie's Stars

My daughter, Maddie, has been making and selling German stars and German Goose Feather trees for over 10 years.

Maddie makes her beautiful paper stars using an old German folding technique.

Maddie hand makes each star using papers made exclusively for Maddie's Stars.

she hand dips each star and sprinkles them with German glass glitter.

Maddie learned to fold stars from her Grandmother Kay. the tradition has been passed down from her

Great Grandfather Earl, Kay's father.

Maddie makes German Goose Feather Trees out of actual goose feathers! This is an old tradition that dates back to 1880's Germany. At that time, the German government restricted the cutting down of trees in the forest. The ever inventive German people discovered that they could make a "Christmas tree" by wrapping goose feathers around stiff wire to form branches. These branches were then attached to a wooden "trunk". The result, a beautiful Christmas tree. Each tree is painstakingly made by hand. Feathers are hand dyed by Maddie. Please check out Maddie's facebook page for pictures and further contact information.

Maddie sells her stars at Landis Valley Museum and Lititz historical society store.

she also attends several Christmas craft events


Landis Valley Village and Farm museum

Harvest days

October 2018

Christmastime in Loganville, pa

November 2018

Christmas Folk Art Show

Manheim, PA

December 2018

if you are interested in ordering stars,

please email her at

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Maddie's Stars

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$15 each--plus shipping

please specify---purple, white, or red and white

3-dimensional Star

Assorted Christmas colors

Let us choose your colors for you!

Large or Medium

$15 each--plus shipping



single stars

assorted Christmas colors

$3.75 each--plus shipping