Assorted Woven Seats--Ash Splint, Fibre Splint, Hickory Bark, Binder, Shaker Tape,

There are many different materials that can be woven on certain chairs.

These chairs must have 4 rungs. They can accept materials such as:

ash, splint reed, shaker tape, hickory bark, wide binder, fibre splint and fibre rush.

A double rail splint done in 1/4 inch ash splint.

A stool done in hickory bark. Hickory bark

is available in the spring only. This is much more costly

than other materials.

A little child's rocker done in hickory bark.

A chair done in splint reed using the

New England porch pattern design. This pattern is woven on

both top and bottom of the seat around the rails.

A stool done in 5mm wide binder,

herringbone pattern. This is a two layer weave applied

to both top and bottom around seat rails.

Wide binder is typically used on porch rockers.

Another favorite of mine.

I hand-grained the stool and

put a fibre splint seat in it. I love it! Fiber splint is a

man-made paper material. Typically done in a herringbone pattern.

A stool done in shaker tape, checkerboard pattern.

I love this stool!