Before & After Photos

I am not very good at remembering to take photos of my chairs.

I remember to take the "befores" but always seem to forget to take the "afters".



This is my pride and joy.

I just finished this rocker. It went from this,


this.....The seat had 122 holes. It took

superfine cane. The seat took me over

50 hours to complete. It was the most

challenging seat I have ever done. I also repaired

and refinished the wood.

A cute little rocker. I replaced the back and the seat.

The back has a slight curve to it.

The back was recaned in superfine cane.

The seat and back took approximately 30 hours to complete.

This little rocker was originally done in ash.

I had some left over hickory bark.

So, that is what this little rocker received.

This is a lovely, Thonet chair. If you look at the seat,

carefully, you will notice a foot shape break in the center.

This is why, you NEVER kneel or stand in a caned seat chair!

The seats are a bear to replace.

You have to disassemble the

entire chair in order to hand cane the seat.

This is one of six finished chairs.

They took me about 25 hours to finish each seat.

Round seats are much more difficult to cane than square seats.

This is a lovely pressed seat chair.

The seat came out fairly easily.

This is the finished seat.

I did not stain the seat to match the chair.

Sometimes, I like the cane to match.

Other times, it nice to let it age naturally.

Another small rocker.

The small caned back has a curve to it.

It's really important to get the curve right,

otherwise the cane will break.

It turned out very nice!

The matching side chair to the rocker, above.

Another lovely chair.

A little rocker found on the trash pile.

I think the chair would have looked better refinished,

it was a nice maple chair.

A close up of the finished fiber rush seat.

It turned out lovely.

This is a nice side chair.

At first glance, it looks like it just needs a new seat.

Upon closer inspection, however, it needed some TLC.

The edge of the chair was broken.

This had to be repaired prior to putting in the new seat.

The finished chair.